Media Timeline

March 10

Johns Hopkins, Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company Collaboration Identifies Novel Prodrug to Potentially Treat Autoimmune-Related Hair Loss

“We synthesized thoughts about the immune system, a natural chemical..Read More
November 5

Drug Discovery and Development – Neosporin may slow wound healing

The commonly used ointment Neosporin may disrupt skin’s regenerative microbiome,..Read More
June 3

What Cell Therapy Can Do For Veteran Amputees | Luis Garza, Ph.D. | Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund

Using cell therapy, Dr. Luis Garza, Associate Professor of Dermatology..Read More
April 4

PIHPS: The Professionals In Health Podcast Series

  Dr. Luis Garza MD-PhD is an Associate Professor of..Read More
September 27

ideaxme Podcast: Limb Regeneration, Wound Healing, and Skin Biology

Ira Pastor, ideaXme exponential health ambassador and founder of Bioquark,..Read More
July 26

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures – Loose RNA Molecules Rejuvenate Skin

Want to smooth out your wrinkles, erase scars and sunspots,..Read More
March 15

Regenerative Medicine | Science: Out of the Box

Every cell in our body contains the instructions necessary to..Read More
October 23

Health Day – Drugs Used in Cancer, Arthritis May Help Fight Hair Loss

Mouse study shows promise, but it’s too early to know..Read More
August 7

Fox45 News – Johns Hopkins study discovers way to regrow hair follicles in mice

In a major new study published today in the journal..Read More
August 6

ScienceDaily – Researchers identify drug candidate for skin, hair regeneration in scarred burn and trauma victims

Johns Hopkins researchers have identified a novel cell signaling pathway..Read More