July 2022

Postdoctoral Research Accelerator Award

Congratulations to Yingchao for being awarded the 2022 School of Medicine Postdoctoral Research Accelerator Award!

May 2022

ASA Award

Congratulations to Dr. Garza for being awarded the 2022 Research Achievement Award in Translational Research from the American Skin Association (ASA)!

April 2022

Young Investigators Award

Congratulations to Yingchao on winning the Claude & Barbara Migeon Young Investigators Award!


NSF Grant

Congratulations to PhD candidate Charlie for winning an NSF award to fund his research!


December 2021

Charlie passes DBO

Congratulations to Charlie on passing his DBO exam to become a PhD candidate!


October 2021

Kaitlin passes DBO

Congratulations to Kaitlin on passing her DBO exam to become a PhD candidate!


Daniel Nathans Scientific Innovator Award

Congratulations to Dr Garza for being appointed by Dean Rothman as a Daniel Nathans Scientific Innovator.  Named after Dr. Daniel Nathans, a former Professor & Chair of Microbiology at Johns Hopkins and a 1979 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, this honor recognizes SOM faculty of the highest level of impact.  Also known as the “Nathans Scholar”, this award comes with significant financial support to enhance Dr. Garza’s research for the next 5 years.  Dr. Garza is the first Dermatology faculty to receive this award.


Dr Garza Promotion

Congratulations to Dr Garza on his promotion to full Professor of Dermatology, unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees of Johns Hopkins University!


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